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Jeffrey K. Traylor graduated from Lewis and Clark
School of Law in Portland, Oregon. He received his
Bachelors degree in Philosophy with a specialization
in Metaphysics and a minor in Criminology from
Western Washington University in Bellingham,
While at Lewis and Clark, Jeff discovered his love of
the law and of the court room as the team captain
and national semifinalist in Immigration and Asylum
Appellate Moot Court and a member of Lewis and
Clark's regional Mock-Trial team. Knowing he
wanted to start his own Legal practice upon
graduation, Jeff worked throughout law school under
the guidance of solo-practitioner's in the fields of
Family Law, Civil Litigation, Estate Planning, and
Criminal Law.
Born and raised in the Northwest, Jeff founded Multnomah Legal in 2009 in
part because of a deep love for the Region, and in part because he loves
working with regular people, the thrill of the courtroom, and wanted to see
things done a little differently. Multnomah legal is an effort to make the legal
system more accessible to regular folks, and to bridge the divide between
the law firm and the client.
By practicing in a wide of array of Legal areas, Jeff felt he could provide a
better legal service for individuals and families. Outside of work, Jeff has a
passion for the outdoors and music. He plays several instruments, and is
an avid skier, biker, and camper. Jeff also loves sailing and anything
having to do with the water. Jeff works primarily out of his house in
Sellwood and would love to help you through all of your legal difficulties.